J A Mills Engineering, Inc.

Design Philosophy:

We believe that the effective integration of engineered systems into Architecture involves a complimentary approach to suit the purpose and the specific needs of a project. The engineering should add value and moderate the use of financial and natural resources in the most practical way possible. The design needs to balance all of the factors involved.

There isn't a singular way to approach all design projects; to choose a prescriptive approach on a wholesale basis means that any given project doesn't achieve our client's goals and may be over-engineered or under-performing. That's too easy of an approach when your project depends on multiple factors. 

Different kinds of Projects have differing needs. To choose a singular prescriptive approach means a project may be over-engineered or under-performing.

Design leadership involves early adoption of new Building Science Techniques and Best Practices, but their application requires skill and experience.


J A Mills Engineering, Inc.  was formed by John Mills, P.E, a Texas professional engineer, in 2013. New technologies are permitting better collaboration and better early analysis of performance. These new tools are enabling design teams to refine their design decisions earlier in the design phase, but require skill and experience in their application. 


Our mission is to provide professional engineering services to our clients that satisfies their objectives. We want our clients to see us as the firm that they prefer on their team. To this end we are guided by this credo: A focus and attention to our core services; a signature integrity in our dealings with them; a commitment to service;  leadership and skill in our design practices; our technology and our collaborative approach to design. It is to this mission that we commit our firm and our energies and to producing a profit that allows for the growth of the company and individuals that are a part of our organization.