• SPOETZL BREWERY ARC FLASH, PDC AND SHORT CIRCUIT STUDY - SHINER, TEXAS - Project involved the study of the existing electrical distribution system and the study of the new distribution equipment associated with a new Brewhouse Building, Bottle Shop Building and packing lines and the development of Short Circuit Studies, Protective Device Coordination studies the calculation of arc flash energy, and the preparation of Labels to be affixed to electrical equipment.

  • AUDIE MURPHY VETERANS ADMINISTRATION SWITCHGEAR REPLACEMENTSPDC, SHORT CIRCUIT and ARC FLASH RISK ASSESSMENT- J A Mills Engineering provided the Protective Device Coordination Study, Arc Flash Risk Assessment and Short Circuit study in support of the Main Switchgear Replacement Project.

  • CPS ENERGY CALAVERAS PLANT RIVER PUMPING STATION SHORT CIRCUIT AND PDC STUDY - SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS - Project involved the study of Prospective Short Circuit  Energy and Development of Breaker settings in support of new switchgear replacements at the existing pumping plant. Project was Designed by J A Mills Engineering

  • SAMT LIMITED PDC AND SHORT CIRCUIT PRE-CONSTRUCTION STUDY - Washington D.C Area in support of new HEMP (High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse) filter replacements at an existing US Army communications facility.

  • Substation Commissioning and Testing Services - Washington D.C Area - J A Mills Engineering provided support for the NETA Testing and Commissioning of Switchgear, Substation Transformers, closed transition Generator Paralelling Switchgear, Ground Fault Protection Systems and Primary Injection of Draw-Out Circuit Breaker Assemblies.

  • Investigate Substation Transformer Failures - Washington D.C Area- J A Mills Engineering provided the study and assessment of the nature and cause of unit substation transformer failures.

  • Comprehensive Short Circuit, PDC and Arc Flash Risk Assessment - Washington D.C Area - The project involved the assessment of the existing power distribution systems including UPS equipment, paralelling switchgear, generators, motor control centers and unit substations. The project included development of device settings for medium voltage differential relays, transformer relays and all low voltage breakers and ground fault trip relays.

  • South Central Plant - Texas State University - San Marcos Texas - J A Mills Engineering provided construction phase services to the prime engineering team. The project involved programming and witness testing (High Pot Testing) of new switchgear assemblies for the new South Central Plant

  • GALM AREA HIGH SCHOOL NISD, ARC FLASH, PDC and SHORT CIRCUIT STUDY- J A Mills Engineering completed a comprehensive Short Circuit, ARC Flash Hazard and Device Coordination Study for the new $112 Million High School.

J A Mills Engineering is uniquely equipped to provide study and administrative services related to construction and power systems analysis. We are equipped with a 1000 bus power systems capability to provide power systems analysis and arc flash studies. We support Mission Critical, Hospital and other types of projects.

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