Our Technology Toolbox

We have an experienced staff skilled in the use of multiple tools to provide a complete design and analysis capability to enhance the value to your project. Our team strives for design leadership by looking to Industry and Building Sciences Specialties for new applications and approaches:

  • Design Suites - Consisting of the latest industry standard software suites maintaining subscription services for the production of construction documents and BIM products.

  • Power Systems Analytical Software - Used in power systems analysis and studies. These can include Load Flow Studies, Short Circuit Analysis, Device Coordination, Motor Starting and More. We are equipped with an 1000 bus capability.


  • HVAC Load Analysis, Sizing and Modeling Applications - Including industry proprietary and DOE sponsored applications.

  • Lighting Design Applications - We are equipped to study the performance of lighting systems through our design suites or through dedicated professional lighting design software to study the performance of interior and exterior lighting systems. 

  •  We utilize NIST compliant Life Cycle Costing Software, Industry standard Code Compliance software as well as other application software.

  • ​We maintain a proprietary Living Specifications Set that is updated based on best practices and decades of industry input. We do not rely solely on Subscription Based Spec Writers

Capabilities that add value to your project and enhance your confidence in the engineering 

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