COVID 19 Information and Response 1st Quarter 2022 UPDATE: We will be transitioning to a hybrid office and look forward to having our physical office and conferencing location open soon.  J A Mills Engineering has embraced Agile Work Practices and the use of Agile Workplace Settings since the inception of the organization. We have been equipped for remote work since 2013 so we stand ready to serve you without interruption . 

An MEP Engineering firm with an engaged leadership team. We are professional engineers serving the entire AEC market.

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"Engineering alters the natural place of things to suit human ends. Our design work must respect that privilege. Our engineered systems should complement the architecture it and its purpose, add value and moderate the use of  financial and natural resources in the most practical way possible.  

We're committed to that responsibility. "

-  John Mills, P.E.

J A Mills Engineering, Inc.