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The name JA Mills has its origins in earlier family business ventures. John Mills' father is a combat decorated veteran of the WWII, Korea and Viet Nam conflicts. The direct family heritage includes documented history as early settlers in the American Colonies (1651), Revolutionary War Patriots (1776) and early Westward Settlers (1785). Given a strong Patriotic bent, you will find an American flag flying in every office at JA Mills. 
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We honor those who serve. 

OUR ICON for Design Leadership - About the Studebaker truck 

Serious students of industrial and automotive design would recognize the classic shape of the 1949-1953 Studebaker 2R series trucks. Conceived by Robert Bourke of the famed Raymond Loewy independent design studios, the truck had several advanced features not seen on other trucks of its day. These included a Climatizer flow through ventilation system, cab steps integrated into the cab (instead of using running boards) and a dual wall bed.  Equally significant was Bourke's attention to ruggedness and economy of construction, factoring in the ease of stamping simple shapes and ease of maintanance.

Bourke theorized that the common work truck could be eventually used for something more than daily farm work;  that a truck might become a vehicle of choice for daily driving. Thus was the impetus for the clean styling, roomy cab and advanced features.